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Nuisance Program:

Nuisance properties, enforcement and ordinances are a common issue for communities. 

WCNDD, with the assistance of the Creighton University School of Law CED Clinic, has developed ordinances that will enable your community to effectively and efficiently abate nuisances within your municipal limits.

By utilizing WCNDD as your nuisance officer, you ensure that an impartial and equitable process is in place.  An example of our administrative approach to code enforcement can be found by reviewing our Sample Nuisance Ordinance, as well as taking a look at our proven success.

The Nuisance Process: 

Step 1: Publish Press Release

Step 2: Initial Property Reviews and Courtesy Letters Sent

Step 3: Second Windshield Assessment 

Step 4: Resolution of Declared Nuisance

Step 5: Third Windshield Assessment 

Step 6: Resolution to Rescind Declared Nuisance or Motion to Abate

Step 7: Fourth Windshield Assessment

Step 8: 5 Day Notice

Step 9: Fifth Windshield Assessment

Step 10: Abatement

Nuisance - Frequently Asked Questions

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