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Rural Workforce Housing Fund and CCCFF Grants Awarded

WCNDD is focused on matching community goals with innovative solutions. Through listening to our communities, we are able to provide them with potential funding opportunities and programs that will support them in building their ideal future. This year WCNDD worked with the City of Imperial to identify and create the vision the community saw for itself. The community pinpointed a desire to improve their city square and also determined that the housing situation in Imperial was holding back development. WCNDD analyzed these needs and selected grants that targeted these projects. Imperial’s progressive mindset and proactive preplanning allowed for quick turnaround in aligning funding opportunities with community needs. WCNDD, in partnership with the City of Imperial, applied for and received a Rural Workforce Housing Fund grant for $1,000,000, which the community matched with $500,000 of its own funds. This $1.5 million grant will fund the construction of at least five new homes in the city, creating a domino effect that will increase movement within Imperial's housing market. Additionally, with the goal of an improved city square, WCNDD wrote a Community and Civic Financing Fund grant for a downtown renovation project. The funding opportunity was awarded to the city for $562,000 and will enable the city to host events, benefit from tourism, and maintain important public amenities. WCNDD helps communities, like Imperial, continue to write their own story for the future of their town. Through the process of identifying needs, finding opportunities, and getting projects across the finish line, WCNDD is prepared to support communities in their next chapter.  

Awarded Grants

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)

Civic and Community Center Financing Fund (CCCFF)

  • 2022 Arthur County Planning Grant

  • 2022 Ogallala - VK Designs

  • 2023 Benkeleman DTR

  • 2023 Cozad DTR

  • 2023 Imperial City Square Construction Grant

  • 2023 Arapahoe Crystal Theatre Planning Grant

Technical Assistance Grants

  • 2023 NAHTF Technical Assistance

Housing Grants

  • 2023 Imperial Workforce Housing Fund

Scrap Tire Grants

Misc. Grants

  • 2021 Cozad

  • 2021 Frontier County

  • 2021 Hayes County

  • 2021 Palisade

  • 2022 Furnas County

  • 2022 McPherson County

  • 2023 Furnas County

  • 2023 McPherson County

  • 2024 Cozad

  • 2024 Hershey

  • 2020 EDA Cares

  • 2023 Digital Equity Planning Grant

  • 2023 Subrecipient of FCC ACP

  • 2023 USDA CFTAT

1983 to Present funds awarded:


1983-2020 Grants Awarded:

  • 47 Housing Grants

  • 52 Planning Grants

  • 46 Public Works Grants


  • 4 Tourism Grants

  • 35 Economic Development Grants

  • 37 Other Grants

for a total of 

Awarded Funds

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