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State-Wide Digital Equity Initiative

With funding from the NTIA, the State of Nebraska has developed a plan to ensure Nebraskans have internet connectivity, devices such as laptops and smartphone, and the skills to meaningfully use internet technologies. The grant will also promote the use of technologies such as telehealth and precision agriculture which are in the early stages of adoption and have the potential to significantly impact the lives of Nebraskans and the state’s economy.

The Nebraska Information Technology Commission (NITC)/Office of the CIO is leading the planning effort with the assistance of the state’s regional economic development districts and the Nebraska Library Commission. The one-year grant started in October of 2022.


States which complete plans can apply for $7.2 million or more in funding over 5 years to implement a state digital access, skills and opportunities grant program.


By ensuring that Nebraskans have access to affordable, quality broadband, an appropriate device and the skills to use technologies at home, in school, or on the farm or ranch, in businesses, in health care, and in government, Nebraska will grow its economy and improve the lives of Nebraskans. 

West Central Nebraska Regional Digital Equity Plan

Digital access is an essential tool for communities to grow and develop in rural Nebraska. Through the $100 billion in expansion funding and $2.72 billion in funding for digital equity, the west central region of Nebraska will see the largest investment to date towards closing the digital divide. 



The WCNDD region is comprised of 18 counties and 58 incorporated communities. The population of the 18-county region is 102,657 people. For more information on each of the 18 counties please view Appendix A - County Data Sheet.

Broadband Resources


  • Nebraska Public Service Commission

  • Nebraska Broadband Bridge Program (NBBP)

  • Nebraska Broadband Mapping Project

  • Broadband Equity Access & Deployment (BEAD) Program

  • National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

    •  Indicators of Broadband Need Map (

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