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The Nebraska Regional Officials Council (NROC) is the statewide organization of Nebraska’s eight Economic Development Districts (EDD). These professional organizations represent the entire state and are committed to enhancing the communities and businesses within each region.



Economic Development Districts are engaged in a variety of activities including:

  • Community Development

  • Business Development

  • Housing Development

  • Transportation Planning

These activities create jobs for Nebraskans, stimulate private investment and attract investments which support public projects, resulting in improved quality of life for our residents. For more information please visit

By uniting together we strengthen the outreach of economic development districts on a statewide level.


NROC encompasses the following goals: 

  • Promote Community Development

  • Promote the welfare of various individual members

  • To unite members in efforts to promote the welfare of each members units' individual community and in its dealings with state, municipal and federal authorities

  • To encourage the exchange of ideas concerning more efficient operations

  • To strengthen the bonds of fellowship and understanding between the members

NROC Regions


Visit their website Here!



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