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Grant Writing and Administration Opportunities:

Community Grant Opportunities:

Civic and Community Center Financing Fund:


  • Community Facilities

    • Libraries​

    • Recreation and Wellness Centers

    • Gathering Spaces

    • Convention Centers

    • Town Squares

    • Cultural Centers

  • Conversation, Rehabilitation or reuse of historic building

  • Preliminary planning efforts


For more information or grant requirements and standards please Click Here! 

Community Development Block Grant:


  • Community Centers or Senior Centers 

  • Non-Profit Centers for Day Care, Dependent Care, Primary Health and Mental Health Care Outpatient Clinics 

  • Public Libraries 

  • Single or Multi-Service Fire/Rescue Facilities (fire trucks are eligible) 

  • Removal of Architectural Barriers from City/Village Halls or County    

  • Courthouses for Accessibility 

  • Water Distribution and/or Sanitary Sewer Collection System Improvements 

  • Bridge and/or Street Improvements 

  • Storm Sewer Improvements 

  • Flood Control 

  • Drainage Improvements 

  • Tornado-Safe Shelters in Manufactured Home Parks 

  • Park Improvements


For more information or grant requirements and standards please Click Here! 

WCNDD is ready to help your community get funding for your projects! Contact us today for more information or to get a conversation started.

Grant Writing

Funding Available for your Community:

There are many different funding sources within the state of Nebraska and at the federal level available for your community to apply for! To learn more about the different funding sources and their websites click here! 

Opportunities to better your area:

There are many options for cities to grow and be progressive. Consider becoming an Economic Development Certified Community! Your community can receive funding for many different opportunities! Click Here to learn about CDAA, LB840, Tax Incentives and more! 

Nebraska Game and Parks
Land and Water Conservation Fund:


  • Ballfields

  • Playgrounds

  • Picnic facilities

  • Swimming Pools

  • Trails

  • Soccer Fields

  • Shelter Houses

  • Tennis Courts

  • Multi-purpose courts, and modest related support facilities


For more information or grant requirements and standards please Click Here! 

Business Grant and Funding Opportunities: 

Local businesses looking to grow and expand or even get started have many options as well! Click Here to learn more about the Business Innovation Act, Center for Rural Affairs, and the Small Business Administration! 

Foundation Grant Information:

Foundation Grants are also available, The Nebraska Department of Economic Development and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation have voluntarily compiled this list of foundations to serve as a resource or starting point for individuals and communities seeking assistance. Learn more Here.

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