GIS – Mapping

With today’s GPS/GIS technology, responding to outages, managing maintenance and repair, and meeting compliance requirements can be made simpler, faster and more efficient. It is not uncommon that utility departments are still relying on outdated paper maps, hand-drawn notes or employee recollection as to where assets are, even crucial components like water mains, valves, and hydrants.

WCNDD has purchased Esri software and hired a full-time staff member to manage your data collection process and provide you with in-house technical support. We also offer on-site training so your staff have the ability and confidence to accurately locate and map your assets. 

We work with you to provide your community with a financially affordable solution to take advantage of everything GIS mapping has to offer.

"GIS services through West Central Nebraska Development District allow Ogallala to utilize the technology at a substantially reduced cost compared to in-house staffing and software licensing or online GIS platforms.

We utilize the technology for a wide range of projects including traffic control, emergency management, nuisance abatement and capital improvements. With limited resources prioritizing capital improvements such as streets, and other utilities is essential, GIS helps us to better understand these priorities and budget accordingly.

The staff at West Central has proven to be very effective in completing detailed projects quickly and accurately. In addition, West Central helps City staff identify other uses that help us to utilize the technology to its fullest potential, saving time, money and providing better services to the community."

Aaron Smith
Former Ogallala City Manager

Types of Data Collection

ADA Accessibility

Housing Conditions

Street Signs

Building Permits

Police Reports

Water Mains

Emergency Snow Routes

Road Conditions

Water Meters

Fire Hydrants

Sprinkler Heads

Water Valves