Business Development

Keeping current businesses healthy is a key component of economic and community development. Data published by the U.S. Census Bureau clearly show that the bulk of new jobs are generated by firms with less than 20 employees.

As a community and as a business, you need to decide what development means to you. Sometimes helping each business in your community add one more employee is a better form of development than trying to recruit new business.

This is where a Business Retention and Expansion survey can be helpful. We have great resources and samples to help you gauge the pulse of what is going on within your current business community. 

Perpetual Business Plan

We recommend that every business has a perpetual business plan. This is something that you can do on an annual basis or sooner that will keep your business on track. 

Many times in a small business, you will experience a cash flow crunch. It is perfectly normal to start brainstorming about new services and products you can offer.

However, soon you can be led astray, far from your mission and $$$ in debt. This is where the perpetual business plan comes in handy. It keeps you on target and on mission.

We offer a number of presentations to our communities to help with business development.

These cover a variety of topics from marketing and branding to the impacts of economic development.